dimanche 13 avril 2014

Challenge avril "Jennie Craft"


Aujourd'hui, un challenge avec Jennie Craft dont voici le sketche.

Et ma page, toute de rose vêtue!!!!!


A bientôt et bon dimanche!!!!

7 commentaires:

  1. Oops! I wrote 1/2 a comment & thought I would try some French- went to check that Lundi was Monday & came back & my comment was gone!!! I WAS saying this is soo pretty & that sketch looks great & you have scrapped the pink blossom beautifully...et, dans Australie, c'est Lundi aujord'hiu!!!! Tres strange!!!! I keep trying:):) enjoy what is left of your weekend !!!!! I guess it's night over there...:);)

  2. hello Lizzy,
    I'm very happy to read your funny comment!!!!
    Now, It's on monday, it's 8 am and I 'm at work. No scrap for the moment, perhaps tis afternoon, I finish at 4 pm. Have a nice night or day!!!!