lundi 16 mai 2016

DT Call The Robin's Nest - Postcard Tutorial

Hello friends, 

Today, I share with you a Postcard tutorial for The Robin's Nest DT Call.

It was too late for me to find some The Robin's Nest items to make my project, so, I used my own papers and embellishments. But I saw a very nice "Beach collection" on the online shop at The Robin's Nest.

You need:

Image from Pinterest or photo
Distress Ink

I give you some links to The Robin's Nest products you can used for this postcard.

How to do

First,  cut the glitter paper (15*12cm) and the printed paper (14*11cm), paste them. Use some stamps about sea, beach and post card on printed paper, then paste the image on the right side.

Then, apply gesso on the stencil 

And dry with your heat gun.

Put some dots or drops on the heart of the flower or anywhere you want.

Apply some yellow Distress ink on the gesso with a little piece of cut'n dry.

Now, use another stamp for the title or a sticker.

It's done, your postcard is over!
It remains to find who to send it!

Hope to see you soon for another special tutorial at The Robin's Nest !!!


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