vendredi 12 août 2016

Friday Instruct August 12th - Rebecca Baer - Layout

Hello crafty friend!

Today, I would like to share with you a layout, that I made with the beautiful Rebecca Baer's stencil,

You need

Printed cardstock
Green ink
Picture from Pinterest
Flowers Dies Cut
Glitter paste
Colored pencils

How to do

Put the stencil on the printed yardstick and spray some green ink

Choose a vintage picture on Pinterest and cut it into circle. Stick it in the stencil circle.

Take some flowers dies cut and spray some green and blue emerald inks on them.

Stamp some butterflies, dragonfly and others insects, then color and cut them.

Splash a few drops of pink and blue inks, and stick the dies cut around the picture.

Add some green glitter paste around the picture and stick your insects.

Stamp the tittle and add some green glitter paste on the insects.

Your page is finished!

Thanks to stopping by today!


2 commentaires:

  1. Fantastic step by step! And that stencil is very nice! Love how you sprayed the different elements & my GOSH! It is not that difficult to do but looks STUNNING! Love every bit of this one:):)

  2. Très belle cette page !!! Bravo Marie-Christine !! :D Bises